UC Santa Barbara Natural Reserve System

  • Carpinteria Salt Marsh

    Protects a critically important estuarine ecosystem that supports many sensitive plan and animal species.

  • Coal Oil Point

    Includes coastal dune and wetland ecosystems that provide critical habitat for migratory birds and threatened and endangered species.

  • K.S.N. Rancho Marino

    Has some of the most spectacular stretches of coast in central California and one of the few remnants of Monterey pine forest left in the state.

  • Santa Cruz Island

    The largest of the Channel Islands and the site of important archaeological resources and many endemic plant and animal species including the island fox.

  • Sedgwick

    Over nine square miles at the base of Figueroa Mt. encompassing a diverse array of geological features and a wide variety of vegetation types and wildlife.

  • Valentine Eastern Sierra

    Comprised of two reserves, the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory and Valentine Reserve, with excellent facilities to support research and teaching throughout the region.


COVID-19 Information for the UC Santa Barbara Natural Reserve System

UC Santa Barbara continues to monitor the global COVID-19 outbreak, and has provided guidance and ongoing updates. Please visit this page to find the latest information.